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The  Femme-Fatale 

Krista G. Saxon

of   Pole

A Femme Fatale is a dangerous woman wrapped beautifully in a bow. She is particularily known in fiilm noir. Perfect for my individual world of storytelling through pole performance. 

    Welcome to my Pole Dance site! If you know anything about me (www.KRISTAGSAXON.com), then you know I am an award winning Actress, Executive Producer (Nation's Fire movie will be released on all platforms, January 2020) and President of TeKnocentric Productions.  www.nationsfireofficialmovie.com

My life work is about imagination, cinema & storytelling. I take my deepest emotions and create performances that take my audience through a journey. Performing, creating and art is the love of my life.

    Pole is a way for me to create that storytelling experience, it is a love that has gotten me through so much while building up my sense of self. Pole is a beautiful, unique and controversial platform for my theatrical performances. Just how I love it...mic drop -bootysmack.. 

    For this performance,  I competed in the exotic category at Pole Sport Organization. I  enjoy mixing and editing, so it's something i do myself. i Created the concept, mixed the song, did voiceovers, added the sirens and sound effects and hopefully took my audience on a journey! 


Competition & Rehearsal Videos

Performance & Rehearsal Pics

Watch as Jennifer Lopez learns pole for Hustlers. This is a great inside look into the work involved in mastering the art and physicality of pole.

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